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  • 爱游戏登录_爱游戏赞助意甲联赛
  • 爱游戏登录_爱游戏赞助意甲联赛
  • 爱游戏登录_爱游戏赞助意甲联赛
  • 爱游戏登录_爱游戏赞助意甲联赛
  • HZ-0.3 Cubic pneumatic sandbla
  • HZ-0.3 Cubic stone carving san
  • HZ-0.3 Cubic sandblasting mach
  • HZ-0.8 Cubic continuous sandbl
  • HZ-1.5 Cubic continuous sandbl
  • HZ-1 Cubic double gun remote c
  • HZ-320 Small sandblasting mach
  • HZ-6 Location of non-standard
  • HZ-1010 Sandblasting machine
  • HZ-1010 Double location car sa
  • HZ-1010 Car sandblasting machi
  • HZ-1212 Sandblasting machine
  • Equipment has little noise

    High elasticity, almost no noise in the process of using all kinds of soft metal parts on the rubber tracks rolling also won't produce knock against damage, quality guaranteed.

    Equipment long service life

    Using high chrome molybdenum iron cover After processing, heat treatment effectively extend the service life, reduce the maintenance rate...

    Equipment energy consumption

    Each link automatic induction function, equipment, automatic start-stop, regular shutdown function, reduce the energy consumption for the enterprise.

    Equipment environmentally friendly

    Double protection, multi-layer filtering, automatic detection, automatic cleaning function, make better mechanical properties, the environment cleaner.

    Quality warranty service

    Huazhi machinery is the collection scientific research development, production, sales and technical services in the integration of sand blasting equipment production enterprise, from the design, manufacture, commissioning, training, service as one of the turn-key project guarantee the quality of equipment details.

    Perfect after-sale service

    After comprehensive technical guidance, production all kinds of problems in the process of professional auxiliary, one-on-one timely after-sales customer service response, service more timely.

    A large number of customer case

    With more than 20 industry leading enterprises and famous brands to establish a long-term relations of cooperation. For different industries to provide comprehensive sand blasting system solution for China machinery for further research and development and manufacturing of non-standard custom.
    爱游戏登录_爱游戏赞助意甲联赛 Which is mainly composed of surface treatment of mechanical engineering is a professional high-tech private enterprises, the company headquarters is located in xiamen of fujian (qian feng machinery). Company since its inception has been dedicated to surface treatment engineering; Always adhere to carry forward the good faith for the purpose of the enterprise, innovation, communication, technology, service, to insist on the spirit of community, and form a complete set of design, development, production, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance of one-stop service system. More


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